Be an Offensive Communicator

Brian SacksLast week I had the opportunity to hear Brian Sacks present “The 10 Dumbest Mistakes Loan Officers Make” at myCUmortgage’s annual partner conference.

Brian is a well-respected speaker on mortgage origination and has originated in excess of 5,000 homes loans for more than $1 billion in his career. He has authored courses for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and has written for numerous industry publications. Brian has conducted classes for Realtors and for over two decades has authored courses approved for Realtors continuing education credits. He has appeared on more than forty radio stations as a mortgage expert as well as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Comcast TV. So it’s easy to say he’s an expert on mortgage originations. You can learn more about Brian at his website.

Brian gave an interactive talk where shared mistakes that he sees loan originators make that prevent them from being more successful. Many of his ideas would help originators become more memberlicious, but here’s my favorite concept – Be an “Offensive” Communicator………….

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Mortgages can be Frightening!

Last year's Halloween costume with my daughter, Mary

Last year’s Halloween costume with my daughter, Mary

It’s almost Halloween. Do you have your costume? Much to the dismay of my daughter, Mary, this was my Halloween costume last year. Not a blood curdling costume but frightening nonetheless?

What’s something else that is frightening?

Buying a home and getting a mortgage!

It’s a big deal. Something we do everyday, but our members only do once every few years.

Are you set up to make it less frightening and be memberlicious? Read on….

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Building a Mortgage Volume Plan

canstockphoto2114299If you live in the Midwest like I do, the leaves are starting to change. It’s getting cooler in the evenings. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. It’s fall! And fall means Credit Union planning season – the time when strategic plans are written and budgets are developed and crunched. And that means it’s time to build a mortgage volume plan to meet your targets and be memberlicious!

At the same time as fall is approaching, the Mortgage Bankers Association held its annual conference. About 4,500 people attended and heard everything there was to hear about the current and future state of mortgage lending. One of these days, I really need to attend and I encourage Credit Union mortgage professionals to think about attending as well. We do own 10% of the market at this point, but I doubt there was even 1% of attendees from Credit Unions, but I digress.

There were lots of news to pay attention to at the event but one of the most meaningful announcements may be the MBA’s annual mortgage forecast.

What did it say? And how can it related to you being memberlicious……
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Retaining Millennials

Millenials #2A few days ago, I wrote about how to attract Millennials to mortgage lending and your credit union. If you are fortunate enough to attract some high quality Millennials, your next step is how to retain them.

When I heard Hannah Ubi, a generational expert at Bridgeworks, speak at the national ACUMA conference, she gave a few tips. These are certainly relevant for any Credit Union wanting to be memberlicious and attract and retain a new workforce of originators. Read on……

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Recruiting Millennials

MillenialsAwhile back I wrote about the need to recruit the next generation of loan originators. I profiled four new originators at Wright-Patt Credit Union and encouraged Credit Unions to think about how to attract millennials as loan originators.

Last month, I was able to attend the annual ACUMA conference (it’s the must attend event for credit union mortgage executives) and heard Hannah Ubi speak. Hannah is a generational expert and works for a company called Bridgeworks. From their web site, “Generational Experts: Helping People Understand One Another –  There’s one phrase that defines every member of our team: Generational Junkies. And we don’t toss that phrase around lightly. Every BridgeWorks employee is a research hound and generational expert in his/her own right. We eat, breathe, and live generations. Seriously. Our friends beg us to stop talking about it during happy hour.”

And Hannah certainly lived up to her company’s about us. She talked about how to recruit millennials and perhaps more importantly, how to retain them as employees. What did I learn and what does it mean for Credit Union’s wanting to be memberlicious? Read on for part one about recruiting:

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