Are You Spying on Your Members?

SpyingLast week, the phone rang with a local number I didn’t recognize. It was some guy from a mortgage company claiming they had been notified I was looking for mortgage credit. His company was notified by Equifax through one of their trigger programs.

We had an unpleasant conversation that started with me politely explaining that I worked for a Credit Union and wasn’t interested. He became persistent and just kept cutting me off – so I hung up.

This certainly wasn’t memberlicious and I highly doubt any Credit Union would take this nearly abusive approach. But what can we learn from this?

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6.5 Million Americans Are Wrong (and need our help)!

refinance calculatorA recent USA Today article suggests that 6.5 million Americans can still benefit from refinancing their mortgage loan. This comes from  “Mortgage Monitor Report” from Black Knight Financial Services. The report shows almost half of those could save $200 per month…….

I’m feeling a memberlicious moment for Credit Unions coming up…………

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A Top Ten List David Letterman Might Love

David Letterman may have retired, but the concept of the TOP 10 list lives on!

I’ve gone on a lot in the blog about TRID, aka KBYO, aka the end of the mortgage

Photo attributed to Rob Young

Photo attributed to Rob Young

world as we know it. I won’t labor all of the same points, but I came across what I thought was a great post on another blog that’s worth sharing. It’s written by the Lender Compliance Group.

This writer lists the ten things Realtors need to know about TRID. It’s a good list, and should be the basis of another attempt to be memberlicious……..Read on to learn more and get a link to the blog.

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Half Full of Optimism or Pessimism

wine half fullI am not much of a wine drinker. In fact, I rarely ever drink wine unless my wife and I go to a nice restaurant and she wants to order a bottle. So there’s a lot I don’t understand about wine. I don’t hold the glass right. I don’t swirl it right. I can’t taste the hint of chocolate or whatever I’m told I should taste. I also don’t understand the idea of how high to fill a wine glass. When it’s poured they only fill it up about half-way. I look at it and compare it to a beer that fills a glass to the top and wonder why. But people view things in different manners as that old question asks “Is it half full or half empty?”

What does this have to do with mortgage lending and being memberlicious? Perhaps nothing. But perhaps its an analogy we should be thinking of when we look at recent mortgage survey data……

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