Habits of a Top 200 Originator – Part 2

Recently I’ve been writing about top originators and their habits. Another top originator is Andi Williams from Fort Knox Federal Credit Union in Kentucky. Her Credit Union has about 80,000 members and over $1 billion in assets.

Andi ranked as the 33rd highest originator in 2013. She was memberlicious 346 times providing $54 million in home loans. I asked Andi to share her secrets of success for her and her Credit Union….

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Habits of a Top 200 Originator – Part 1

Recently I wrote about the Top 200 originations of 2013. Besides doing a lot of loans these folks have common characteristics. I thought I would take some blog posts over the next few weeks to profile a few of the Credit Union success stories and their best practices as originators.

Jonathan Merkel is a loan origination at Wright-Patt Credit Union. Last year, Jonathan helped 496 families buy a home or save money with a low cost refinance. This equated to $65 million in mortgage loans. WOW!

I asked Jonathan why he is successful as an originator and what advice he has for other originators. Here’s what he told me….

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Tired of Winter and Complaining

I’m tired of winter. It’s been a rough one. We’ve all been complaining about it. And that weather has been a key factor is various mortgage related entities reporting that February was the worst month for mortgage lending in 14 years.

I’m tired of using the weather as an excuse for poor production. What else am I tired of….. Continue reading


Today is my 100th post! 

I started this blog almost a year ago.

A big thanks to all the folks who’ve read my thoughts, posts, rants and raves. I appreciate it. I hope you’ve found it helpful. If you have, I’d ask you to sign up to follow the blog or to tell a Credit Union friend or co-worker.

Credit Unions were made to help members with home ownership. It’s part of what we do and we do it pretty well. But there’s always an opportunity to do it better and hopefully Mortgages are Memberlicious has given you an idea or two about how to be a better mortgage lender or help more members with home ownership.

So thanks for reading and please excuse this “lazy post” – I’m actually on vacation as you read this – the beauty of scheduling a post!

Thanks again for reading and please spread the word about being memberlicious!